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AM Menu

Served from 8 AM to 12 PM


PF Signature French Toast

A divine combination of brioche bread, fresh strawberries, a ’poppable’ creme anglaise sphere, cream and maple syrup

AED 49



PF Signature French Toast image


Eggs your way served in a spiced chunky tomato sauce with feta cheeses & Sumac, served with your choice of bread

AED 56



Shakshuka image

Eggs Benedict

AED 42


Eggs Benedict image

Nawal's Breakfast

Smashed Avocado with feta and zatar

AED 49

Nawal's Breakfast image

Scramble Egg on Toast

AED 35

Scramble Egg on Toast image

Beetroot Hummus Toast

AED 49

Beetroot Hummus Toast image

Toast & Honey

AED 22

Toast & Honey image

Tost & Jam

AED 24

Tost & Jam image

Granolla Bowl

AED 39

Granolla Bowl image

PF Big Breakfast

AED 45

PF Big Breakfast image

Shakshuka Bun

AED 38

Shakshuka Bun image

Roasted Eggplant & Labneh Bun

AED 35

Roasted Eggplant & Labneh Bun image


Soup of the Day

Ask your waiter about our special soup of the day.

AED 35


Soup of the Day image

Truffles Arancini

AED 35

Truffles Arancini  image

Crunchy Labneh

AED 30

Crunchy Labneh image

Honey & Fresh Cream

AED 35

Honey & Fresh Cream image

Crunchy Hummus

AED 30

Crunchy Hummus image

Chargrilled Halloumi

AED 35

Chargrilled Halloumi image


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

served with Frise

AED 49

Grilled Cheese Sandwich image


Burrata Salad

AED 89

Burrata Salad image

Caesar Salad

AED 46

Caesar Salad image

PF Sigenture Salad

AED 45

PF Sigenture Salad image
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