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PM Menu

Served from 12 PM


PF Signature French Toast

A divine combination of brioche bread, fresh strawberries, a ’poppable’ creme anglaise sphere, cream and maple syrup

AED 49

PF Signature French Toast image


Soup of the Day

Ask your waiter about our special soup of the day.

AED 35

Soup of the Day image

Truffles Arancini

AED 35

Truffles Arancini  image

Crunchy Labneh

AED 30

Crunchy Labneh image

Crunchy Hummus

AED 30

Crunchy Hummus image

Beef Tacos

AED 45

Beef Tacos image

Spicy Cheese Frise

AED 39

Spicy Cheese Frise image

Vol Au Vent

AED 54

Vol Au Vent image

Halloumi Frise

AED 43

Halloumi Frise image

Corn Ribs

AED 28

Corn Ribs image

Main Courses

Lemon Chicken

AED 69

Lemon Chicken image

Grilled Prawns

AED 108

Grilled Prawns image

Grilled Salmon

AED 86

Grilled Salmon image

Steak Fillet

AED 110

Steak Fillet image

Chicken Stipes

AED 48

Chicken Stipes image

Sandwiches & Burgers

Wagyu Beef Burger

AED 57

Wagyu Beef Burger image

Chicken Caesar Burger

AED 57

Chicken Caesar Burger image

Chicken Sando

AED 49

Chicken Sando image

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

AED 48

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich image

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

served with Frise

AED 49

Grilled Cheese Sandwich image


Burrata Salad

AED 89

Burrata Salad image

PF Signature Salad

AED 45

PF Signature Salad image

Caesar Salad

AED 46

Caesar Salad image

Pasta & Risotto

Penne Arrabiata

Home made Arrabiata sauce, melted cherry tomato vine, red chilli, basil

AED 47.00

Pink Pasta

Homemade pink sauce, parmesan shaves, parsley crisp, melted tomato vine

AED 47.00

Mushroom Alfredo

White mushroom sauce with mushroom dust, parmesan shaves and parsley

AED 47.00

Pink Risotto

Arborio rice with pink sauce, roasted tomatoes and parmesan shavings
Add on: Chicken 13 AED
Shrimps 16 AED
Broccoli 7 AED

AED 47

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